Member Types / Subscriptions

BuddyPress supports adding member types* as a way of grouping users. The RCP BuddyPress plugin ties into this functionality by enabling member types to be assigned subscriptions.

To assign member types to subscriptions:

  1. Navigate to the “Restrict >> Subscription Levels” menu and select a user group.2016-10-20-11_55_08-subscription-levels-rcp-a-wordpress-site-wordpress
  2. Either select your subscription level or add a new subscription level. At the bottom of the subscription level page there is a “Member Type” drop down where you can assign a member type to a subscription level.2016-10-20-12_01_56-subscription-levels-rcp-a-wordpress-site-wordpress-1024x348*Note: A handy plugin for adding member types is the “BP Member Type Subscription” plugin.
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